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Market applications and opportunities
Synchroflow™ compression moulding technology
Bacomex™ multi-Layer tube heading technology
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Market applications
and opportunities
Hair care
Skin care / body care (canule)
Household products (screw on)
  • Large volume tube up to 400ml
  • Tube diameter up to 63.5 mm
  • Maximal tube length 235 mm
  • Shoulder with snap on oriented caps
Large volume up to 400ml can be produced on PTH range machines to replace PE bottles.
  • Oval as well as round shapes are been produced at high speed and efficiencies
  • Applicator tip tubes with or without orifice opening
  • Oval tube heading at up to 140 tubes/min
Special shape and mini tube series
obtained on PTH machines, also running
in mono configuration for sampling.
  • Tubes with special application devices
  • Tubes with very large orifices of up to 18mm
High speed high volume production up to 200 tubes/min fully integrated lines.
Plastic tubes
Engineering service solutions
Laminate tube packaging
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