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Market applications
and opportunities
Engineering service solutions
Seamless plastic tube packaging
Personal care
  • Shoulder with large and shaped openings
  • Standard to large diameter tube from 35 to 50 mm
  • ABL for sensitive products such as mayonnaise, condensed milk, needing UV protection
  • Sealed membrane and insert options
-> Large volume production can be handled with machines such as the SAESA®3000 running 300 tubes / min at diameter 40 mm.
  • Small diameter tube from 12.7 to 25 mm, length 45 – 160 mm
  • ABL raw material for body
  • Long nose shoulder with small openings
-> Modern plastic packaging with better consumer convenience and appearance -> The SAESA®100 offers suitable output of 100 tubes a minute with minimal floor space requirement at reasonable investment.
  • Standard tube in diameter range 22 to 38 mm
  • Sealed membrane and insert options
  • ABL or PBL raw material
-> Low cost, high volumes and sophisticated decoration convenient cap features.
-> The SAESA®500Line can match highest tube filling line speeds running at 500 tubes / min
(ideal for a through the wall operation).
  • Round or oval tube shape
  • Wide range of diameter from 13.5 to 60 mm
  • Body and cap orientation options
  • Flip top closures for push on application
  • PBL raw materia
-> Almost no decoration limits due to flat combination print technology used
-> High speed volume production for mass market products, SAESA®2000s can produce 50 mm PBL tubes with oriented cap application at 160 tubes / minute.
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